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Friday, April 24, 2009

Paulp speaks great truth

"After you have spent a certain amount of time in the compiler, you will
come to feel angry resentment at every comment you encounter, because it
might be trying to mislead you! I have modified my editor not to show me
any comments in scala sources so they cannot tempt me with their siren
songs of reasons and explanations. AH THE LIMITLESS SERENITY"

Seems to me that this technique is much more widely applicable than just to scala internals...


  1. Honestly, my eyes completely fail to see comments any more. i only see the code. i've missed a lot of help because of that. i've also not been mislead by falacious commentary.

  2. let's not be "lead" to illiteracy2:44 PM

    "been mislead" -> "been misled"


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